How to Win at Sim Racing eBook has just been released, and it’s yours for free at

“After over four decades of instructing and coaching real-world drivers, and the past decade of coaching sim racers, I’ve put together what I believe is the most important foundational information to help sim racers win more often,” says Ross Bentley, the author of the Speed Secrets series of books – the most popular race driving books ever. “Of course, ‘winning’ can mean different things to different racers, from outright victories to simply having more fun. But what practically all sim racers want is to improve – to see progression in their driving performance. That’s why I wrote this eBook – because I’ve seen many common factors that are holding sim racers back from being even better.”

Topics covered in the over 30 pages and dozens of images in the eBook are:

  • What Makes the Best, The Best
  • Practice Strategies
  • Driving Technique
  • Racecraft
  • Mental Game
  • Practice Drills

“I’m especially excited to share four of my most-effective Practice Drills,” says Bentley. “Many sim racers practice by simply racing more, and that’s okay up to a certain point, but to go beyond that they need more a deliberate, strategic approach to how they practice. That’s where my experience coaching thousands of drivers, from Indy, NASCAR and Le Mans winners to beginner sim racers come in to play. I know what works to help them improve. And I get my kicks out of helping drivers, of all levels and types, get even better.”

The How to Win at Sim Racing eBook is free to download at for a limited time, so grab a copy now and take your sim racing to the next level.