The Bash Pro Active H-Shifter is the first active sim racing shifter using a gate locking feature powered by real time in-game telemetry data.  A lockout is when you have a hard time getting it into gear or cannot get it to gear without using force. This happens when you try to shift without the clutch engaged. Another scenario would be when the speed/rpms are to high and it becomes difficult to shift into first gear (by design!).

Easy to Set Up with SimHub

Using the OLED screen on the Bash Pro or a custom Simhub plugin, you can easily switch between H-Dogbox, H-Sync and Sequential Electronic shifting.

Above the standard features an H-shifter offers, the Bash Pro features tactile feedback when a gear is engaged. Whenever gear engagement conditions are not met, the gate remains in a closed state, which physically prevents you from moving the gearstick into gear. Upon every gear change, a servo motor actuates a trigger mechanism that releases the gate lock in the matter of a few milliseconds.

I’ve had the Bash Pro for a little while now and recommend it. It’s expensive, but is a joy to use. Feels really good. You can set delays for the gates to open to realistically simulate old transmissions. You can’t accidentally shift to R. And there is no 7th gear. – GogglesPaesano