Create the pedal feel you’ve always wanted with the new set of sim-racing pedals from SimCube. With the SimCube Active Pedal you can customize brake pressure up to 150kg, pedal travel distance, brake air gap, ABS, traction control, and other effects. Since the SimCube Active Pedal lacks springs or elastomers, changes for travel, sensitivity, brake hardness, different points of clutch bite, and other factors will be made electronically. In addition, the Active Pedal will not need any upkeep or component replacement due to wear.

As you can see in the image, the rear swingarm of the pedal is mounted on a linear axis which in turn is moved by a motor connected to the software that controls everything. In this way we get the movement that for example is produced when the ABS is activated, fast and short movements forward and backward.

Software adjustable pedal feel

You can imitate the setup of real race cars, easily load & save realtime between different profiles, and there’s no manual maintenance required. You can edit accurate physical pedal profiles for your different races. Pick your desired profile before the race starts and go. YWith these pedals you won’t have to worry about manual hardware adjustments like tightening a bolt to create a different pedal feel. Simply load your desired profile and start racing!

The pricing will be announced in December, when pre-booking will start. Everything points to the pricing for a whole set being clearly over $1,000 given the brand’s level of quality and the technologies used in this pedal. In the first few months of 2023, the initial units are anticipated to start arriving.