The new Active Reset function in iRacing is among the best new additions to the new release for Season 1 of 2023. Active Reset allows a driver to reset their car to a specific location on the track during a race session. This can be useful if the driver has gone off track or has suffered damage that makes it difficult to continue driving. For many years, returning to one’s pit stall was the only reset available to iRacers. Racing enthusiasts can now select specific locations on any circuit in the simulation to return to repeatedly, at least in single player test drive. Such a system has a lot of benefits. One of them is the time-saving advantage of not having to ride around from the pits to the precise location you want to start from. The ability to carry out repeating tasks in order to learn a certain piece of information is another.

Currently, the system can only be used in single player test sessions, which is probably how it should be at first. I don’t anticipate many players demanding a rewind feature like those found in Forza just yet. It merely takes a few minutes to set up and only two to four buttons need to be mapped. It’s still a work in progress since occasionally when I reset, my car will still be crashing. Nevertheless, if you know what you want to get out of the system, it may be a really useful tool.

In addition to teleporting you back in time when you initially press the Active Reset Run button, this action also creates a custom sector end point, the start of which serves as the reset point. If the sector lap time function is enabled, racers can repeatedly run the same region and monitor advancements or regress. When returning to the Active Reset starting point, the settings, fuel, and tire condition are all preserved. If you get out of the car, you can get back in, hit the Active Reset Run button, and resume your previous activity. Annoyingly, right now all Active Reset functions are reset if you change the setup and must be implemented again.


There are several benefits to using the Active Reset feature in iRacing:

  • It allows drivers to quickly get back on track and continue practicing without having to wait for a full lap.
  • It can save time and frustration for drivers who have had an incident and want to get back into the action as soon as possible.
  • It allows drivers to learn from mistakes and incidents.
  • It can also help to reduce the risk of further accidents or incidents, as drivers who have suffered damage may be more cautious when returning to the track.

Overall, the Active Reset feature is a useful tool for drivers in iRacing, as it allows them to quickly recover from mistakes or incidents and get back into the action without having to end the session or wait for a full track reset.

Why is Repetition so Important?

Repetition allows drivers to improve their skills and performance through deliberate practice. By repeating the same corner or track section drivers can learn how to drive more efficiently and consistently, which is essential for success in sim racing.

Repetition helps drivers to develop muscle memory and reflexes, which are important for reacting quickly and accurately to different situations on the track. It also allows drivers to experiment with different lines and approaches to see what works best for them, and to identify and correct any mistakes or weaknesses in their driving. Repetition can also be helpful in developing racecraft and understanding how to race cleanly and effectively with other drivers. Ultimately, repetition drivers to improve their skills, develop muscle memory and reflexes, and experiment with different approaches to find what works best for them.