August 23, 2023 – After six races at three different tracks, in cars ranging from Legends to LMP2s, we have a winner! In fact, many winners, as everyone had fun and learned to be even better sim racers.

Overall, the goal of the Summer Series was to provide a fun learning experience for SRA members. With participants ranging from novices to seasoned enthusiasts, each week drivers had to adapt to different cars and tracks, learning to apply different skills and techniques throughout the series. The racing was fair, competitive, and fun.

With the overall objective of learning and developing, camaraderie was high, with competitors not afraid to share with one another – a unique experience for some sim racers, and one they all look forward to sharing in again.

While winning primarily was focused on developing skills and having fun, the SRA Coaches, CR Reid and Ron Gale, selected three award-winners, and through an interesting combination of rankings and ratings, an overall series winner.

Martin Hall was selected as the Series Rookie, and has been awarded a one-on-one coaching session with Ross Bentley.

Ross Yost, through a combined ranking of consistency, average lap times, number of incidents, and overall race finishing position found himself Series Champion. His prize is a one-year subscription to Ross Bentley’s

Additionally, Jane Elizabeth and Ken Christman were each awarded a 6-month subscription to Ross Bentley’s for their consistency, sportsmanlike conduct, and improvement.

The SRA Coaches were full of praise for every participant, and are already looking forward to the Fall Series, which will begin on September 9th. Stay tuned for details.

Coach Reid had this to say in summing up the competition and skill development he witnessed and assisted with throughout the Summer Series, “The Series demonstrated the continued efforts of all entrants from the raw rookie to the seasoned veteran. It was fantastic to see how the drivers applied what they learned this season. Drivers displayed what we have come to expect of SRA members… a thirst for knowledge, a desire to improve, and a willingness to share their skills and knowledge helping fellow members on their individual journey. Good clean racing! Thank you all for your enthusiasm, and making our great sport that much better.”

Coach Gale added, “The Summer Race Series demonstrated the comradery that the SRA members have developed. It is fun to see how members help each other, and the series was a vehicle (no pun intended!) where members could interact firsthand and not just in the written word. Thanks to all the participants for their enthusiasm.”

Ross and his team of Coaches want to thank every member who participated in the Summer Series:

  • Michael Branson
  • Diego Ruiz Casas
  • Ken Christman
  • Jane Elizabeth
  • Christopher Gonzalez
  • Martin Hall
  • Lars Herlevsen
  • Stacy Iwata
  • Kyle Jones
  • Charles Krasic
  • Greg Patrick
  • Bill Pritchard
  • Daniel Perez Santiago
  • Matt A Thompson
  • Ross Yost

We hope to see more SRA members participating in the Fall Series, chasing down new awards and prizes. Stay tuned for more details.